Poll: Hey Seahawk Fans, Who’s Going To Win The NFC West?

Someone has to win the NFC West.

After two stirring home victories (and a deeply depressing road loss), Seattle is starting to believe in the Seahawks again.

“Sure it’s early and so much can go wrong, but the Seahawks, 2-1, should win the NFC West,” Steve Kelley of the Seattle Times writes.   “After three weeks, they clearly are the most dangerous team with the greatest potential for growth.”


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Easy, there.  You can look at Seattle’s 27-20 victory over the Chargers a few ways.  The Seahawks are finally are making big plays again.  Despite an ever-churning roster, Pete Carroll’s group looks more talented than last year’s team.

Then again, they were out-gained 379-26 in the second half of the game.  Leon Washington almost won the game by himself with two kickoff return touchdowns.  He had admirers from coast-to-coast.

“I’m just glad we traded him to the NFC,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said in New York Monday.

We don’t know what to think of the division.  What do the Seahawks excel at exactly?  The defense is improved, but Philip Rivers moved the ball at will late Sunday.  The Seahawks offense needs to improve to be average.  They are still growing into their identity.

Everything is possible right now in the NFC West, and that includes a Seattle division title.  It also includes another 5-11 season for Seattle.  Give Carroll credit; he has his players and even the local media believing something special is brewing.

“This team is buying all of the “hoo-ha” that new coach Pete Carroll is selling,” Kelley wrote. “All week long they quote him like so many preachers reciting Bible verses.”

And later: “There is something going on here. A team is starting to believe big.”

Hey, it beats whatever is happening in San Francisco.