Radio host: Coach’s heart attack was retribution from God

I suppose that radio host Matt Patrick was just pandering to his constituency on Monday when he said on the radio that Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio’s heart attack was God’s retribution for cheating against Notre Dame. Patrick is one of those Rush Limbaugh wannabees struggling for recognition in the overpopulated ecosystem that is midwest conservative talk radio. So how do you stand out from the crowd? You go all Pat Robertson on their a****. Of course, Michigan State’s fake field goal attempt/touchdown pass on the last play of the game (evidently after time had expired) on Saturday beat Notre Dame. Afterward, Spartans head coach Dantonio suffered a mild heart attack. That was all too much of a coincidence for the tiny-brained 95.3 MNC radio, Indiana-based host. Patrick:

“I think that something spiritual happened on the field. … You cheat, on the last play of the game, in overtime, to beat the Irish? (Looks up, points). God’s going to get you.”

If God was distributing heart attacks for slights against Notre Dame, Charlie Weis would have had seven or eight by now. At any rate, Michigan State fans are furious over Patrick’s comments, which I suppose was the point. One doesn’t get anywhere talk radio these days without stirring up controversy. (Patrick’s show is syndicated, and heard throughout Michigan). A visit to his Facebook page tells the tale:

* You should be apologizing to the Notre Dame fan base for making them look like small minded maniacs. The fact you find the response to your video funny is despicabile. If you are not filming an apology video than I hope for the love of Rudy you die tonight of a heart attack. Do onto others? — Colin Carr
* Way to stay classy…insult a man in the hospital by calling him a cheater and then say that you have to defend your honor due to the outrage that you caused. It’s disgusting. — Justin Wholehan
* You speak about being Catholic or angering Catholics…you obviously have little faith or much less understand it. Mark Dantonio is a great man, coach and Catholic. — Matt Walters
* That shame you feel is god damning you. — Colin Carr
Apparently, Patrick has apologized on air for his “bit.”

* Your half-a** apology is worthless as long as the video of what you said about Mark Dantonio’s heart attack is still on the front page of the station’s website. And please answer this: how do you know Mark Dantonio? During your “apology” you said that you know him. How do you know him exactly? Because honestly, I think you’re lying. — Gary Gaalt
* You should probably pronounce the man’s name correctly if you “know him” and not give half-a** apologies — Matt Walters
Please consult your favorite Michigan State message board for the really good comments.