Russell Okung returns, Trufant, Curry and Mebane questions

Coach Pete Carroll has a name for this day: Tell the Truth Monday.

And sure enough, Carroll told the truth when it came to his assessment of the team’s final possession of the first half, which ended with Seattle running a fire drill instead of attempting a field goal.

“(We) didn’t handle the end of the half effectively, and I was disappointed,” Carroll said. “I really didn’t do that well. Honestly, I realized that after all those years at USC with our offenses being so dynamic and all, I got a little bold about our situation. We need to take care of business better. I need to do a better job, and make sure that we get our points when we get our opportunities. They’re not always going to come back around again like it used to seem like it happened.”

As for injuries, Seattle does have some healing to do.

• LB Aaron Curry left the game with a hamstring injury. “We don’t think it’s real serious,” Carroll said, “but it’s something that bothered him enough where he couldn’t play.”

• WR Mike Williams suffered a shoulder injury in the first half, and while he finished the game, his status will be a question. “He’s real sore today,” Carroll said. “We’ll see how that turns out.”

• CB Marcus Trufant suffered an injury to his left ankle after Buster Davis fell on him in the third quarter. Carroll wasn’t willing to dive into the question of what Seattle would lose if Trufant can’t return this week.

“Let’s wait and see,” Carroll said. “We haven’t lost anything yet. Let’s talk about that a little later if we could.”

Walter Thurmond replaced Trufant, with Roy Lewis remaining as Seattle’s nickel back. Would the Seahawks stick to that plan if Trufant were out?

“That was the way we were set up to do it this week,” Carroll said. “I don’t know anything about what we need to do in this game plan yet. We’ll wait and see. It would also give us a chance with Nate Ness, too, to elevate him. He’s a guy we’ve been looking at for a couple weeks here, and he’s a nice looking athlete and has worked hard. He may be able to help us, too. Roy has done really well inside of the nickel spot, and more likely than not, we wouldn’t flip those things around, we’d keep them the same.”

• Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane suffered a calf injury, and he hasn’t been ruled out, but his availability will be a question.

• The Seahawks will have Russell Okung and Chester Pitts practicing together for the first time all season, and while Carroll wouldn’t commit to either starting this week, it is a step forward.

“It’s going to be exciting,” Carroll said. “For the first time we’re going to see Russell Okung and Chester Pitts out there together, playing and practicing for the first time. Those guys are coming back from an injury situation, but that’s an exciting thing for us on the offensive side.”

Okung will be playing left tackle, Pitts left guard.

• DE E.J. Wilson, who has been inactive the first three games, will be slowed by an injury this week, Carroll indicated.