Seahawks’ running game making some positive gains

The Seahawks defense that was so good on third down in Week 1 against San Francisco allowed Denver to extend drive after drive.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck failed to bounce back from an early interception as he did in the season-opening victory over the 49ers.

A team that avoided mistakes in Week 1 sabotaged itself on the road in Week 2.

But there were signs of progress for Seattle, particularly on the ground. Seattle finished with 109 yards rushing, which may not sound like all that much. But that was significantly better than the Week 1 results, when 32 of the team’s 77 yards came on one fourth-quarter play.

“We were able to feel better about the running game,” coach Pete Carroll said.

Starter Justin Forsett led Seattle with 44 yards on eight carries, and Hasselbeck scored on a 20-yard scramble in the fourth quarter.

Hasselbeck, who had not rushed for a single touchdown the previous four seasons, has scored twice in two weeks.

“We were building from that second half from last week’s game,” Forsett said. “Those guys were doing some great things. We’ve just got to continue to keep executing. Just reps together, and we’ll continue to get better each week.

“It was a good sign for us today that we were able to run the ball.”