Seattle Seahawks Interested In Claiming Trent Edwards?

According to ESPN, the Seattle Seahawks are interested in claiming recently released quarterback Trent Edwards.

Their “competition” for Captain Checkdown appears to be the 49ers, Jaguars, Panthers, Chiefs, and Jets.

This is not the first time Seattle has shown interest in a former Bills starting quarterback who got released because of bad play, you all remember JP Losmans short career as a Seahawk.

Fortunately, Captain Checkdown would not be arriving as the heir to Matt Hasselbeck like some other guy who hasn’t thrown an NFL pass that we picked up from San Diego; Edwards would be our third string option.

As far as depth fodder is concerned, you can do worse then a guy with 32 career starts, even if he just isn’t that good.

Edwards has a 14-18 career record as a starter, with a career 76.8 rating to go with a 25/27 TD/INT ratio.

He isn’t horribly inaccurate, a career 60.9 CMP percentage; but this is coming from a guy who has been well documented in preferring low risk-low reward dump off routes instead of chucking the pigskin more then five yards, as his yards per attempt clock in at a measly 4.64.

At this point in the waiver system, with the Browns, Lions, and the aforementioned Panthers having yet to put a claim on Edwards, the 49ers would be next in line to receive the winning bid.

Hey, let the Niners have them, why let that real estate rot on our bench when we could be massacring Edwards on the field?