Stacy Andrews gives Hawks big body up front

My story today deals with the juggling offensive line for the Seattle Seahawks, which will likely continue during the first half of the season as Russell Okung and Chester Pitts work their way back from injuries.
Stacy Andrews initially had been brought in to play right tackle, but will get his first start with Seattle at right guard. Already, it’s the second different offensive line combination the team will start this season. Seattle started six different offensive line combinations in the team’s 5-11 campaign last year.

“You would like to be able to keep him at tackle,” Hawks offensive line coach Art Valero said. “And that was our goal originally to bring him in there, but he does have some guard play in his background, so to move him inside isn’t foreign for him.

“If all your players looked like that, it’d be great. He’s a good-looking kid, and he’s got long arms and he’s strong. And he’s athletic and there’s a tremendous upside to him.”