T.O., Ochocinco: ‘Sarah Palin is not Playboy-ish’

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The T.Ocho Show on Versus hasn’t even officially debuted, and already I’m starting to get sick of it. That’s because Versus has been sending me a pile of promo clips, and let me tell you, a little bit of T.O. and Ocho goes a long, long way. But it’s not all bad; some moments in the “reality” series are actually amusing, as when the two are asked the question that’s on the lips of every American: Would you rather see Palin in the White House or posing in Playboy? Um, is there a third option that involves driving a golf cart off a cliff? So Palin is not Playboy-ish. OK. But she would do more damage in the White House. So, did they actually answer the question? More tomfoolery has T.O. and Ocho challenging LeBron and Dwyane Wade to a game of hoops (unwise), and discussing their inclusion on the Most Hated Athletes list.