Tate finally flashes that big-play potential in a game

In 16 regular-season games last year, Seattle had seven plays from scrimmage that gained more than 40 yards.

One was Julius Jones’ 62-yard touchdown run in the season-opener. Another was the 42-yard pass from Jon Ryan to John Carlson on a fake punt. Of the remaining five 40-plus plays — three were on passes to running backs.

That means that in 16 games last season, Seattle had exactly two passes to receivers that gained 40 or more yards. Safe to say that “explosive” was not a label you’d put on the offensive production as Seattle tried to get by with a roulette-wheel rotation at left tackle.

Golden Tate was drafted to change that. At least that was the expectation after the 5-foot-10 receiver looked so dynamic over the team’s offseason workouts.

Well, Tate flashed that big-play potential. It just took longer than anyone expected because it wasn’t until the fourth quarter of Seattle’s third exhibition game that he caught a pass that gained more than 8 yards from scrimmage.