The Josh Wilson Trade is Flat Out D-U-M-B!

I came across some uneasy news this morning. As many of you may have heard, Josh Wilson has been traded to the Baltimore Ravens for a 2011 “undisclosed” draft pick, according to Seahawks representatives. However, news is coming out that the draft pick is a conditional fifth-rounder. My reaction to all of this is complete and utter shock. He has to be worth more than that!

First off, heading into the 2010-2011 season, Josh Wilson, in my opinion, was our number one corner. Now, a lot of you are probably asking, “what about Trufant?” Well, here is my take on Seattle’s beloved Trufant – he had two “good” seasons in his seven year career (2004: 5 INT and 2007: 7 INT), and Seattle still can’t manage to get off his nuts! The next excuse would be that he had a major injury that limited him to 10 games last season, and that he needs some time to get back into his “groove” and get a feel for the game. Bullshit. Pro-bowl cornerbacks don’t come back from injury and lead the league in pass-interference calls, after missing six games.

Back to Wilson. Something to note is, he has only played three years in the league, meaning he is still young and developing. Now, the sad part is, he was a diverse and talented player. He not only played defensive back for the Seahawks, but also contributed on special teams as a not-so-bad return man. In his second year he recorded 4 INT, 3 FF, 1 sack, and 1 defensive TD. Those aren’t Revis stats but those are good in Seattle’s standards. But I guess that’s not what Seattle was looking for, and now we’re stuck with the possibility of, the oh so terrible, Kelly Jennings starting opposite Trufant. I can see it already, opposing offenses chucking bombs down the field, all day, on our weak defensive back rotation.

I mean, if we’re going to make more roster moves to better our football team, why not address real needs, like the defensive end position, or the linebacker situation? But to take out one of our best cornerbacks and weaken a spot that I thought somewhat improved since we drafted S Earl Thomas, is beyond me.

First crazy thing you’ve done, Pete.