Video: Terrell Owens tried to hit on Ines Sainz?

Who is that man behind the curtain? It’s Terrell Owens, circa Jan., 2008. T.O. was recovering from an ankle sprain as the Cowboys, for whom he then played, were preparing to meet the Giants in the playoffs. No one knew if Owens was going to play (he was relevant then, don’t forget), and T.O. was avoiding reporters. But one person in the Cowboys locker room did get an interview with him … TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz. Yeah, you may recognize that name. Rex Ryan sure does.

Great video following the jump of Owens peeking from behind the curtain and spotting Sainz, then calling her over. I remember this making the rounds when it happened, but it’s so much more relevant now.

All of which just goes to prove that T.O. was a man ahead of his time. Funny thing is though, she probably wouldn’t bother with him now. Sainz is more famous than Owens.