Golden opportunities? Not so many in Game 6

Don’t put Golden Tate’s picture on the side of a milk carton just yet.

He’s not missing.

It may seem like it, though, given his overall absence from the offense these past two weeks.

Tate was on the field for two plays in Sunday’s victory over Arizona. Well, actually he was on the field for three plays, but one of those plays was negated by a penalty.

He finished without a reception for the second consecutive week.

Has he been less involved in the offense?

“Yeah, I think that’s accurate,” Carroll said. “We just need to get him right. A couple weeks ago he played 20 plays or something and he had four or five mistakes out of those 20 plays so that’s more than we want. They’re little things, but they’re important. There might be a split, there might be depth on a route, recognizing zone versus man and how he adjusts his routes and things like that. It’s just holding him back a little bit. It’s just a matter of time.”

OK, we’ve heard that about Tate’s routes before, right. His precision — or lack thereof — was a reason he was inactive for the first game of the season. The next week in Denver he had a long punt return and a 52-yard reception that remains Seattle’s longest play from scrimmage this season.

Looks like there’s more work in that regard.

“He’s a guy that we really like and we know he can do stuff,” Carroll said. “As we go each week, we’re looking for ways, and I’m hoping that somewhere from the middle of the season here, which we’re approaching now, he should be able to be a regular part of what we’re doing and a factor.

“He’s close. He’s really close and it’s just a matter of time. So we have to be patient to a certain degree and then he has to be impatient. He has to keep pushing and fighting to get this done so he can become a part of it.”