Hasselbeck’s Days Numbered

Another tough road loss for the Seahawks at the Edward Jones Dome today, and another handful of bad decisions by Matt Hasselbeck.

It is no secret that the Seahawks’ offense is struggling mightily this year, averaging in the lower half of the league in scoring offense, offensive yards, passing yards, and rushing yards. Time and time again this year, we have seen Hasselbeck make mistake after mistake at key moments in games.

Take today for example. The Seahawks were in the redzone on 2nd down and Matt tried to force a pass into John Carlson through 3 defenders. The pass was tipped, but 9 out of 10 times, that would be a pick, and possibly even a 100 yard pick 6.

Too often have we seen drives stopped due to an overthrown or under-thrown pass, a pick into double coverage, or Matt taking an unnecessary sack.

Hasselbeck’s last good year as a QB in the NFL was in 2007, when he has a passer rating of 91. Since then, he has not had a passer rating over 76, and has missed significant time with injury. With young weapons on offense, there is no excuse to play a struggling QB who has lost his game, not to mention that this is the final year of his contract and more than likely will not be retained.

It would be different if Hasselbeck was simply making some small mistakes when it didn’t matter, but Hasselbeck is losing games for the Seahawks, and he no longer gives us the best chance to win.

It is time to find out what Charlie Whitehurst is made of. The Seahawks traded a 3rd round pick in the 2011 draft at a time when a draft pick is valuable to this rebuilding franchise. It is time to find out what we have with Whitehurst, and as bad as Hasselbeck has been playing, it can’t hurt.

Maybe this is the move the Seahawks need to revive this less than stellar offense.

I appreciate everything Matt has done for this franchise, and he will always be one of my favorite Hawks, but he is not the right choice anymore for a team capable of making the playoffs in a division dying for someone to step up.