Hasselbeck’s Gameday Thoughts

Just some of the thoughts that go through quarterback Matt Hasselbeck’s head in a game like today’s…

“1st quarter in the redzone, looking for the games first touchdown. I know we are still in the huddle, but I am going to look at Carlson the entire way to the endzone. So what if they can read my eyes? I am Matt Hasselbeck, the play is developing, there is John in the endzone. There goes the pass through those 4 defenders, AND….crap. I thought that dark blue jersey was us. This game is confusing.”

“Ok 3 open receivers, pocket might close soon. Maybe if I wait someone will get open further downfield, but Tate is open, hmm, maybe I’ll…..Sack? Can’t the line give me more than 10 seconds to let the play develop? Wow…”

“That Steven Jackson guy is good.”

“So is Bradford.”

“5th pick of the year. Hmm…Good thing I played good 3 years ago so I won’t get benched.”

“3rd and 10, down by 14 in the 4th quarter with 10 to go, Pete wants a quick slant, I’m calling an audible. Half-back draw. Whoops, just noticed there were 8 men in the box. Sorry Pete, my bad.”

“I need to go talk to Charlie Whitehurst on the sideline…”

“Charlie, Charlie, what do I do?!?! There are a ton of big guys coming to try to hit me!”
“Look at the play as it develops, Matt. On just about every sack you have taken, there has been an open receiver, and you are under-throwing all your receivers.”

“Things were so much easier when Hutch was here….No wonder I’m balding….”