Impact of Lynch

Marshawn Lynch was already at Seahawks HQ at 6 a.m. yesterday after arriving in Seattle on Monday night at 11 p.m. He cannot wait to get going, and the Seahawks plan to make him the featured back.

“We brought him here for a reason, and that is to be on the field as much as he can,” Carroll said.

Marshawn Lynch immediately becomes the best back on the Seahawks, and is probably the best back in recent memory that this team has had.

Maybe the most exciting part is that he is coming from a team in Buffalo, who might be the worst team in the NFL, along with a terrible offensive line, and Lynch still put up a 4.4 yards per carry average in limited action, and he is only 24.

Because of his size, versatility, speed and quickness, he brings something that the Seahawks haven’t had since the days of young Shaun Alexander.

He is an easy upgrade over former starter, and Lynch’s good friend, Justin Forsett.

Not to knock Forsett, but Lynch brings more size, along with the ability to break tackles, which is something that should help quite a bit with the line’s struggles as of late.

Along with the running game, this should immediately help the passing game as well. Lynch being in the backfield finally shows teams a legitimate threat to run, which should help on play actions and naked bootlegs.

I expect this move to help Hasselbeck’s game a lot. In fact, I will even make the bold prediction that next Sunday against the Bears, Hasselbeck will have his best game of the year.

Marshawn Lynch doesn’t just upgrade a position, but he upgrades the whole offense, and can catch a pass or two as well.

Just ask Lynch, and he will tell you “I can do it all.”