Russell Okung, Biggest 58 Million Dollar Bust In Seahawks History?

Coach Pete Carroll said that Russell Okung did not reinjured his right ankle, per se, but that it became sore, the reason he left the game?

The simple fact of the matter is Russell Okung has had high ankle injuries and issues since his Freshman year in College, are we to think the Seahawks didn’t know of this when they drafted him? I seriously doubt that, but they took a 58 Million dollar gamble when they drafted him. The fact is back in January i had an article talking about Russell Okung’s injury 2 times while in College to his ankle.

It determined my draft board and his status as a first round pick, no one could have forseen this and maybe we are to early, but the fact of the matter is he looked horrible on both sacks to Hasselbeck’s blind side that he gave up because of poor blocking!

“His ankle got real sore at the end of the first half,” Carroll said. “I don’t know he played (in the game), I can’t tell you. He could have gone back in the game, but he was getting more sore.”

So was it the right move to play Okung instead of waiting until after the bye with another two weeks of rest.

“I think because of the bye week we were able to do this,” Carroll said. “He was fine in practice all week. Just the sustained digging in on it, it just got more sore. He didn’t reinjure it. He was able to go back in and was able to, but it just got to the point where, ‘Let’s see how we do.’ We got almost a half out of him, and that’s something he needed desperately as we moved forward. I think he’s going to be all right. It isn’t a reinjury situation, I was told.”

With Okung starting at left tackle, Tyler Polumbus started at right tackle. Polumubus returned to left when Okung left the game, and Sean Locklear entered the game at right tackle.

“We could have done it other ways,” Carroll said of Okung’s return. “He could have spot-played. But from practice, he made it through all of the practices all right without any repercussions. We felt like he might make it through here. It didn’t happen, but I still think it was very valuable for him just to get out on the road, crowd noise, all that kind of thing and get through it. We’ll try to build on that.”