Hawks still struggling to reach opponent’s end zone

The Seattle Seahawks’ offense appears allergic to the end zone.

“We need to get in standing up,” Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said about his team’s troubles crossing the goal line. “We need to make it obvious.”

How bad has it been for Seattle?

In the team’s past five games, the Seahawks offense has been inside the 20-yard line 21 times, and only has four touchdowns to show for it.

With a 32.35 percent red zone percentage, Seattle is second-worst in the league in those situations.

And the Seahawks are just as bad near the goal line, with 18 chances in goal-to-go situations for the season and just eight touchdowns to show for it, third-worst in the league.

It’s a glaring deficiency Seattle players know they have to fix if they want to make the playoffs for the first time since 2007, and the main reason Seattle is only averaging 18.5 points a contest, 27th in the league.

“We haven’t been able to capitalize on those moments that we’ve had down there,” running back Justin Forsett said. “And we’ve just got to be able to execute. We got down there one time and Obo (Ben Obomanu) was able to get open in there, and we’re going to have more things like that. But for some reason we’re not getting it done down there, and that’s glaring. So we’ve got to fix that.”

One of the areas Seattle will continue to focus on is dong a better job of running the ball inside the 20-yard line. The Seahawks are 30th in the league in rushing, only averaging 83.7 yards per contest. And Seattle has just six rushing touchdowns, with Hasselbeck responsible for two.

“We have to find our way to mix what we’re doing and we want to run the ball better when we have our opportunities, particularly when it’s one or two yards,” coach Pete Carroll said. “I don’t think it has anything to with a sense of urgency. It just has to do with preparation and our becoming legitimate in running the football when we need to – that hasn’t come to the surface yet.”