Matt Hasselbeck “Who wants to tie my shoes?”

“OK, so who wants to tie my shoes?” quarterback Matt Hasselbeck said.

It was hilarious. It just wasn’t a joke. Not entirely at least. Hasselbeck suffered an injury to his left wrist in last week’s game, and while it didn’t keep him from returning to the game, it did make a couple of other things more problematic.

Like using a touch-screen cell phone efficiently. Or tying his shoes before Wednesday’s pratice.

So how will the injury impact Hasselbeck?

“We’re going to learn as we go a little bit what’s best for him,” coach Pete Carroll said. “We’re going to do some things to try to ensure him not banging his wrist. So we already have a plan for it. We’ll see how it works out today and then we’re going to kind of go as we go here and figure it out. He’s all geared up for it and ready to do a bunch of work.”

So what does the injury prevent Hasselbeck from doing?

“We’ll find out,” Carroll said. “I don’t know that. Right now, I don’t know that. We don’t think anything. Our plan is that we can do whatever we want to do. We’ll find out during the week. And I’ll let you know. On Monday.”

For the record, J.P. Losman — Seattle’s No. 3 quarterback is the one who ended up tying Hasselbeck’s shoes.