Quarterback in the crosshairs: Matt Hasselbeck

The New York Giants have played seven games, and they’ve ended up knocking five of those opponents into a quarterback change.

“Obviously, it’s scary for opposing quarterbacks knowing going into the game they got over a 70-percent chance of getting knocked out,” said Eli Manning, Giants quarterback. “That’s never a good thing. They’re playing great football. Everything is legal and sound, and obviously I’m all for ’em playing great football, and you never want to see anybody get hurt in this league and especially quarterbacks are kind of a fraternity, rooting for other guys to stay healthy. You don’t want to see anybody get hurt. You do like sacks, and obviously being a quarterback, you know what it’s like, if the quarterback is getting pressure, it makes life tough.”

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is coming off a game in which he suffered eight sacks and suffered what was described as a mild concussion. Seattle coach Pete Carroll told the reporters who cover the Giants Hasselbeck won’t practice on Wednesday.

New York coach Tom Coughlin said the Giants will be preparing as if Hasselbeck will play in the game.

“I think you expect that Matt will play,” Coughlin said. “He’s a seasoned veteran. I don’t think one day off is going to affect him in any way, but we would prepare knowing full well of the athleticism of everybody there. We would prepare first of all for Matt and of course we would have (Charlie) Whitehurst in mind while we’re doing that. But we would prepare for Matt.”