Seasonal work: Amon Gordon

Amon Gordon woke up before dawn on Tuesday for his 7 a.m. flight to Seattle. A 315-pound defensive tackle, he wedged himself in amid the holiday travelers so he could report to his third team this month while his wife, Roxanne, stayed in San Diego, due to deliver their first son next week.

Welcome seasonal work in the NFL.

There are 1,696 active roster spots on this league, and a couple hundred of those change on a weekly basis in this league depending on injuries, a team’s needs and just plain happenstance.

Gordon began the month in Tennessee where he had played for the Titans until Nov. 9, Last week, he was in Houston, a member of the Texans practice squad for all of three days. On Tuesday, he arrived in Seattle, to bolster its defensive line, returning to the Seahawks whom he played for in training camp.

“I think I’m tailor-made to get after it,” Gordon said.

A good fit, that’s what Gordon is looking for. The right time, the right place to let his career set down roots.

This is Gordon’s seventh season in the NFL, and his arrival in Seattle marks the 10th time he has changed teams. He attended Mariner High School up until his senior year, moved to San Diego enrolled at Stanford and was a fifth-round draft pick by Cleveland in 2004.

Since then, he has been capable enough that seven different teams have signed him, but never found the stability to stay with a team for the long haul. Instead, he has cobbled together a career with making the most of any opportunity that comes up.

“I have no problem with that,” Gordon said. “I’m just thankful, thank God, just been resilient enough and had enough fortitude and perseverance to mentally maintain my focus on the goals and task at hand and trying to be somewhere and leave a positive impact. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other because it’s not an easy task.”

He’s earned a living for his family playing football, which is remarkable. But it’s also taxing, too, and beginning his second year, his family stopped following him to each job. Instead, he went to work, while Roxanne and Jasmyn, their 11-year-old daughter, stayed in San Diego.

“That’s home base,” he said.

On Tuesday, his wife is due with their first son. How is Gordon going to cope with being gone for that?

“Well, Tuesday is an off day,” Gordon said.

Besides, he’s well acquainted with season travel.