Marshawn Lynch: Still grinding

Marshawn Lynch was acquired to provide the physical run presence Pete Carroll felt this team needed. Someone whose attitude and approach would influence this team.

And it did. For two weeks there was clear progress in the ground game, whose struggles have been the one consistent thread from Mike Holmgren to Jim Mora on to Carroll.

But after 11 games, the Seahawks have the least productive rushing offense in the league. So how his Lynch taking that?

He was asked that after Thursday’s practice.

“I just think we’re struggling right now as a team in putting together a win,” Lynch said. “So I don’t see it as a running-game thing. You get down in the game, and the quickest way to the end zone is a pass so you get put in a positions, I feel like we put more emphasis on getting a quick score. That’s kind of how I take what’s been going on.”

But is he seeing progress, signs of a potential breakthrough?

“Every week,” he said. “Every week, as a running back, we wish every carry that we had was a touchdown, but evidently it’s not like that. The grinding in the game is what makes a man. When those big ones come, you’re just thankful for them.”