Mike Williams: ‘We’re zeroed in. We have wiped the slate clean’

No chance of looking past an opponent. Not this weekend when a single game will determine the division champion and who will host a playoff game.

That makes it easy for players to tighten their focus. Just listen to Mike Williams.

“I think personally, if you’re worried about anything else besides this game then we’re already a step behind,” Williams said. “After today’s practice, me personally, just coming from the offensive install in the meetings, I wanted to see how our offense would come out. What kind of energy we would have. I was curious to see how Charlie would look. It was obvious that guys have turned it up a notch. We’re zeroed in. We have wiped the slate clean.

“No matter how the season has been for us, we have a chance to make it a playoff season. That’s a great start for what I’m sure coach Carroll, and the front office and everybody wanted to, how they wanted to start this thing off. We had a lot of focus. Charlie looked dead-on today. You can tell he’s prepared. You can tell he’s comfortable with the game plan so the rest of this week, he’ll get a lot of throws with us. He’ll be able to understand how we move, how we’re going to break and stuff like that.

“It was a good day. If you come out here kind of shaky or not crisp then you kind of question where the focus is, but today we came out with a lot of focus. The O-line came off the ball. Our run drills looked great. There was a lot of energy on both sides. Every day, it’s about coming out and doing well, and getting more and more confident about that day’s preparation and moving closer to the game.”