Pete Carroll says no decision on next week’s starter

Coach Pete Carroll talked about the quarterback situation after Sunday’s game:

“We made a change at quarterback today,” Carroll said. “The score was 34-10 just before the end of the third quarter. We had knocked the ball around and given them a couple plays, and I thought, ‘I want to see what Charlie can do. How would he do in this situation and playing?’ Matt struggled in that third quarter. You can’t give him the fumble in the end zone. That happened. But he did throw a couple of balls that got away, and it just seemed like it was an opportunity to go ahead, and let’s see what happens.

“Charlie did an OK job. He went in there and he handled himself all right, made a couple of mistakes with cadence and things, got some penalties for us that look like an O-lineman, but was the quarterback. So we didn’t function as sharp as we would like. But he did move the club a little bit, and he made a couple plays with his legs and made a couple really nice throws. Enough to do a good job.

“I know you all want to know what this all means. We’re going to go back to work next week and take a look at everything like we always do. And evaluate where we are and what we need to do and all of that. There’s no decision about the quarterback situation. You’re going to ask me about all that stuff. Not doing anything right now. We’re going to go back to work and look at the film and see what’s right for us like we do at every other position and we’ll get our direction set for next week and we’re going to go after Tampa.”

Was Carroll saying he would open it up for competition or just make a decision?

“I’m just going to look and see what happens,” Carroll said. “See what the film looked like. Make sure that we’re clear on everything that occurred. I want to see how Matt played. I talked to him on the sidelines about it. I talked to him on the sidelines about it as we made the decision to change. I just thought it was time to do it for Charlie, get him out there, let’s see what we can do.

“We talked about what had happened in a couple plays and all. He was very clearly disappointed in that he tried to make a throw there. We’re behind and Matt’s trying to battle to find a way to move the club down the field so he made a decision to force the ball up the sidelines, they make a big pick on us.

“The other one, I don’t know about the one inside that got tipped. I have to see that one again to know what happened there. So we’re just going to look and see what’s going on and figure it out. Matt has been our starter all the way through. He has put in position at this time, and that seems to me that that’s really important for us to understand that. There’s a lot of guys playing football, and it isn’t just one guy out there.”