Rams facing a question of Seattle’s QB, too

It’s not just the Seahawks who are facing a question about quarterback on Sunday.

It’s the Rams, too. They can’t be entirely sure of who is going to play quarterback for Seattle.

So how about it, Steve Spagnuolo? Who are the Rams going to prepare to see this Sunday?

Well, what we kind of have to do is what we’ve done in the past two weeks,” Spagnuolo said in a conference call with Seattle-area reporters. “This is the third straight week now of a little uncertainty at who’s going to start at quarterback.

“But you’ve really got to defend the system. Seattle’s got some good coaches, they know what they’re doing. They’re committed to what they do. They’ve got two good running backs, a talented tight end, they’ve got some wide receivers that can make some plays and hurt you deep.

“And we have a tremendous amount of respect for Matt Hasselbeck, but I think when Charlie Whitehurst gets in there, he’s every bit as effective as Matt. So what I would say is we defend the system and when we find out who’s going to play on game day, there may be a wrinkle or two there. But there’s just too many other weapons, too many other things you have to defend to worry about one guy.”

Well, all I can say is that I wish I had spent the last five weeks covering an offense as exciting as the one Spagnuolo is describing.