2011 NFL Draft Player Rankings Top 32

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Grading Scale
90-100 Rare Prospect

Player demonstrates rare abilities and can create mismatches that have an obvious impact on the game. Is a premier college player that has all the skill to take over a game and play at a championship level. He rates in the top 5 players in the nation at his position and is considered a first round draft prospect.
80-89 Outstanding Prospect
Player has abilities to create mismatches versus most opponents in the NFL. A feature player that has an impact on the outcome of the game. Cannot be shut down by a single player and plays on a consistent level week in and week out. He rates in the top 10 at his position and is considered a second round draft prospect.
70-79 Solid Prospect
Still a standout player at the college level that is close to being an elite player. He has no glaring weaknesses and will usually win his individual matchups, but does not dominate in every game, especially when matched up against the top players in the country. He will usually rate in the top third of players at his position and is considered a third round draft prospect.
60-69 Good Prospect
This player is an good starter that will give a solid effort week in and week out, but he is overmatched versus the better players in the nation. His weaknesses will be exposed against top competition. He is usually a prospect that is missing something from his game. For example, he has the size and skills to be an outstanding prospect, but lacks the speed. He will usually rate in the top half of the players at his position and is considered a middle round draft choice.
50-59 Adequate Prospect
These are usually players that play at a high level in college, but lack some measurables or skills to play at that same level in the NFL. He may be a player that has a lot of developmental qualities, or could be a player that will contribute right away on special teams or in a situational capacity. He will usually rate in the second-third at his position and is considered a fifth round draft choice.
21-49 Borderline Draft Prospect
These are players that teams like something about, but certainly do not have the full package in terms of NFL talent. A lot of times, teams will take chances on character players or developmental type athletes with this grade. And often, these are players that come from smaller schools or did not standout at the college level. NFL teams are looking for ‘diamonds in the rough’ with this type of prospect. He will usually rate in the bottom third of players at his position and will be considered a late round draft choice or un-drafted free agent.
20 Free Agent Prospect
These are players that did not make our original ‘evaluation list’ but are prospects that need to be monitored. Especially in the pre-season, these players will fluctuate up and down depending on performance in their final year of eligibility.
10 Not a legitimate Prospect
These are players that lack NFL measurables and/or skills. They are players that we feel would not even make a solid contribution as a training camp body.

Ranked Players
Da’Quan Bowers DE 6’4″ 280 Clemson 97 1 1
Nick Fairley DT 6’4½” 299 Auburn 97 1 2
Patrick Peterson CB 6’1″ 211 LSU 97 1 3
A.J. Green WR 6’4″ 208 Georgia 97 1 4
Prince Amukamara CB 6’0″ 203 Nebraska 96 2 5
Blaine Gabbert QB 6’5″ 240 Missouri 96 1 6
Marcell Dareus DT 6’2⅝” 303 Alabama 96 2 7
Robert Quinn DE 6’4⅝” 254 North Carolina 96 2 8
Von Miller OLB 6’3″ 238 Texas A&M 95 1 9
Ryan Kerrigan DE 6’4″ 259 Purdue 95 4 10
Stephen Paea DT 6’1″ 304 Oregon State 95 3 11
Julio Jones WR 6’4″ 211 Alabama 95 2 12
Adrian Clayborn DE 6’3″ 285 Iowa 94 3 13
Nate Solder OT 6’8″ 300 Colorado 94 1 14
Cameron Jordan DE 6’4″ 280 California 93 5 15
Tyron Smith OT 6’5″ 291 USC 93 4 16
Mike Pouncey OC 6’5″ 309 Florida 93 1 17
Akeem Ayers OLB 6’3¾” 249 UCLA 93 2 18
Gabe Carimi OT 6’6¾” 318 Wisconsin 92 2 19
Jake Locker QB 6’2½” 229 Washington 92 2 20
J.J. Watt DE 6’5½” 279 Wisconsin 92 8 21
Anthony Castonzo OT 6’7″ 295 Boston College 91 3 22
Mark Ingram RB 5’10” 215 Alabama 91 1 23
Cameron Heyward DE 6’5″ 278 Ohio State 91 6 24
Corey Liuget DT 6’3″ 300 Illinois 91 4 25
Justin Houston OLB 6’3″ 254 Georgia 90 3 26
Allen Bailey DE 6’3½” 287 Miami (FL) 90 7 27
Cam Newton QB 6’5½” 248 Auburn 90 3 28
Brandon Harris CB 5’10½” 193 Miami (FL) 89 4 29
Ryan Mallett QB 6’6¾” 238 Arkansas 89 4 30
Ryan Williams RB 5’10” 210 Virginia Tech 89 2 31
Drake Nevis DT 6’0½” 289 LSU 88 5 32

2011 NFL Draft Player Rankings – National Football League – ESPN.