A case for the defense, Von Miller

Now, if I was a rabble-rousing reporter, I would begin this blog entry by talking about Seattle’s possibilities if it would have happened to lose that regular-season finale and hold the eighth pick.

Specifically, I’d be talking about Von Miller, the linebacker from Texas A&M who measured half-an-inch taller than his listed height of 6 feet 3, and weighed 237 pounds.

He’s just the kind of guy you could plug into the ‘Leo’ defensive end in Seattle’s defense, that quick-twitch pass-rushing specialist who’ll give opposing tackles fits because they’re used to having more to grab onto at the line of scrimmage.

And Miller is likely to be gone by the time Seattle comes up with the 25th pick of the first round. Long gone.

And like I said, a rabble-rouser would start wondering if Seattle would have been better served in the long term holding that No. 8 overall pick.

But I’m not. Until proven otherwise, I think an NFL team’s best interests are served by winning as many games as possible.

And Seattle still has a first-round choice, it’s just not in that area that usually affords an opportunity to find a pass rusher to put on the end.

The good news? This is a draft where there are a number of players Seattle may be able to find to plug into that five-technique spot now designated for big-bodied run-stuffers in the mold of Red Bryant.

Jarvis Jenkins of Clemson could fit that mold. He’s 6-4, 309 pounds and here at the Senior Bowl.

Cam Heyward of Ohio State is not. He’s recovering from arm surgery, and while many project him as a defensive end in a 3-4 scheme, he could be a nice fit at the five-technique spot in Seattle’s defensive line.