Matt Hasselbeck, Pete Carroll may hug a contract out

So what did Matt Hasselbeck do when he heard coach Pete Carroll said he wanted to keep his quarterback next season?

“I went and gave him a hug,” Hasselbeck said.

Cue the laughter.

So there may not be a contract for next year, but coach and quarterback can perform a little Kumbaya if necessary.

But where do things stand for the future?

“I’m very focused on this year,” Hasselbeck said. “We’ve talked all year even from last year. Pete and I and everybody here, we’ve been very open about everything. I would love to be back, absolutely. No doubt about that. But my focus isn’t really there. My focus is definitely on trying to get this team winning games, trying to play well and if you do that, just like in a football game, if you focus on just doing things right, the score takes care of itself. That’s my mindset with what happens beyond this year, but obviously I love it here, all that stuff, obviously. But right now is not really the time to talk about that. Right now is just the time to focus on football and try to beat the Bears.”