Seahawks free agents to watch

There are a few key points to keep in mind here. One, there is no free agency without a new labor agreement. Two, the next labor agreement will define terms for free agents. About 500 players with four accrued seasons could become unrestricted under the previous system. Another roughly 100 players will have three accrued seasons.

Teams have had a long time to anticipate a work stoppage. It’s never a good time to have a long list of good players without contracts. But in most cases, teams have already re-signed the players they think they absolutely have to keep. Some teams have a long list of free agents by design. I would put Seattle in that category.

The Seahawks promoted competition during the 2010 season by shortening contracts in a few cases. They re-signed a couple players they wanted to target, but overall, I think they feel just fine going into the labor period with unsigned players. The number you cited — 27 — is in the right ballpark. The totals are unofficial until the league releases its annual list.

The 49ers have a shorter projected list featuring five starters from last season: Takeo Spikes, Aubrayo Franklin, Manny Lawson, Alex Smith and Dashon Goldson.

I’ve put together an initial list of 25 projected NFC West free agents to watch. These are not necessarily ranked in order of abilities. A couple “name” players did not make the list.

25 NFC West free agents to watch – NFL Nation Blog – ESPN.