Seattle Seahawks Parting words

Some selected quotes from variuos Seahawks players after the team’s final meeting of the 2010 season:

“Just getting a taste, and knowing what it takes, knowing that you can’t have error. You can’t give things away. We learned a good lesson. We learned what it was like to defend your home turf in a playoff game and we know what it’s like to go on the road in a hostile environment and all the elements that factor in. It got away from us. We can look back and say, ‘Well, if you do catch that ball,’ or ‘If you do make that block,’ there are different things that hurt us yesterday. We learned a hard lesson.”
— WR Mike Williams

“Given the way we finished the season, it was a blessing. For us to have that many transactions — more than I’ve ever been a part of — to have a chance at the end, and to end up being a champion, it’s an outstanding head start to the foundation that you’re trying to build.”
— S Lawyer Milloy

“You think about the day, you look back on the game. It’s just moreso just a day of disappointment really.”
— S Jordan Babineaux

“A lot of us are still in shock. We were in Chicago yesterday, trying to win a game, and we putzed around for 30 minutes, and just messed up our opportunity.

“It’s just kind of an abrupt end to the season, which is probably like that for everyone. I think all the hard work has been done here this year, going through all the change, going through all the drama at times. And just going through all the adversity, so it would be so much fun to be a part of the rest of it. And we won our division this year, which is always been important to me.”
— QB Matt Hasselbeck

“It’s strange. It’s kind of like the last day of school. Obviously, the NFL is an ever-changing thing so you hope to get to play with the guys again that you’ve been playing hard with for the last six months.”
— DT Craig Terrill