Solving the Alex Gibbs retirement riddle

Alex Gibbs was supposed to transform the Seattle Seahawks’ offensive line.

Instead, the veteran line coach retired abruptly right before the 2010 regular season, leading eventually to Tom Cable’s hiring as a replacement.

Gibbs was worn out, coach Pete Carroll said, and it would not have been the first time. Gibbs’ hard-charging ways had taken a toll on him in past jobs.

Left unsaid, however, was to what degree clashes behind the scenes precipitated Gibbs’ retirement. Gibbs wanted specific types of players to run his scheme a very specific way. He wasn’t the type to defer. It was natural to wonder to what degree personal and/or philosophical differences came into play.

Former Seahawks guard Ben Hamilton has offered his opinion via Twitter, citing “personnel disputes and butting heads” as reasons for Gibbs’ abrupt departure. Hamilton played for Gibbs previously in Denver. Gibbs was the reason he signed with Seattle. Hamilton would probably have a good feel.

The reasoning behind Gibbs’ departure isn’t a pressing issue at this point, but Hamilton’s comments provide some direction.

via Solving the Alex Gibbs retirement riddle – NFC West Blog – ESPN.