Two tight ends to watch at Senior Bowl

A pair of tight ends have stepped out from the pack and flashed some intriguing skills this week during Senior Bowl practices.

Wisconsin’s Lance Kendricks of the North team has displayed savvy route-running ability and good hands. He is not an exceptional blocker, more of a willing blocker, but he is good at getting out ahead of opponents and clearing space. He reminds me a lot of Texans TE Owen Daniels, who was in the Pro Bowl last season.

In fact, I think Kendricks is farther along at this stage than Daniels was at this time in his development.

The other tight end who has really demonstrated immense potential is Arkansas’ D.J. Williams of the South team. Williams actually reminds me a lot of Chargers wide receiver Vincent Jackson when he was here at the Senior Bowl a few years back. Not many people remember now, but at that time there was a lot of talk about whether Jackson should play receiver or tight end.

As for Williams, he is a scary player. Teams will fear him as a vertical-threat tight end who can make big plays down the field.