Sea Gal Nicole’s Pro Bowl Diary’s

Nicole just completed her fifth season as a Sea Gal, and was chosen to represent the Seahawks at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii.

Day 1

Aloha Hawks fans,

Greetings from Hawaii! We just finished day one of my Pro Bowl experience and I cannot believe how much we’ve done already.

I arrived midday to the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu and got to spend a little bit of time with a few of the other girls at the pool which was the calm before the storm that was about to begin the next day. All of the girls arrived throughout the day and we immediately started bonding. I was so pleased to meet my roommate was Katie from the Buffalo Bills. She is so nice and we get along great!

Tonight we had our first team dinner where we met all of the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders. We got a chance to know each other a little bit before our first official day of rehearsal the next morning. The women are truly incredible!  After dinner, we went straight to bed to rest up for our busy day ahead.

I am so excited to experience what will be the most memorable week of my NFL cheerleading career! I can’t wait to share stories and pictures when I get back.

NicoleDay 2Hey Hawks fans!

7: 30AM Orientation was one of my favorite parts of the trip. This morning began with a nice breakfast where we were introduced to the entire group we would be working with this week.

Maria , Ron and Michael gave amazing speeches that really inspired us for the upcoming week. Then we went straight to our first day of rehearsal where they put our 4 squads together and we got right to work perfecting the 12 routines we had learned from a DVD at home. It was 7 hours long with a lunch break in between. It was great to see all of the cheerleaders dressed up in there practice gear and dancing together for the first time.

During practice, we were assigned our lines, these are the girls we will dance with on the sidelines at the game and who we will spend the majority of our time with here in Hawaii. My line includes Tiffany (Eagles), Shannon (Rams), Tiffany (Buccaneers), Stacey (Panthers) and Nicole (Falons).

After practice it was time to freshen up for our Pro Bowl photo shoot. The weather was perfect and the sun was just beginning to set so we were all so excited. This was a public event at one of the six pools at the Hawaiian Village Hotel, tons of fans cheered us on as we fought for the perfect shot. All of the cheerleaders were strategically placed on the rockery with the best background you could possibly ask for, a Waikiki Beach Sunset. This is the first time there has ever been a Pro Bowl Cheerleaders poster shoot at sunset. What a treat!

To finish the night off we had an autograph signing at the hotel, shot some video for the upcoming game and got our first chance to greet our fellow NFL fans! There were lots of Seahawks fans there dressed up in their 12th man gear which was so exciting! The first day was incredibly fun and I am so happy to be here to represent the Seattle Seahawks organization.


Day 3


At breakfast this morning we received our very first Pro Bowl Cheerleaders poster! It is even better than I would have ever imagined. Every girl looks gorgeous and the setting could not be any more beautiful.

We started our day bright and early with another team rehearsal.  We have been rehearsing and perfecting the routines that we will perform for the game on Sunday and at our community appearances throughout the week.  We also learned a new pre-game routine that we will perform with the Goo Goo Dolls on Sunday, along with 1,400 other performers. The NFL is predicting that this game will be the most watched Pro Bowl game in history.

After our long but rewarding rehearsal, we got ready for the NFL Pro Bowl welcome luau. It was so fun seeing all of the girls dressed in bright colors and flowers in their hair. The food was incredible, the entertainment was breathtaking with hula girls, fire dancers, fireworks and crowd interaction – it was the perfect ending to a beautiful day.


Day 4

Hawks Fans,

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! Our day started off with a quick breakfast with the entire team. We then headed out for our first practice at Aloha Stadium. We went through all of our dances, our pre game routine that we will be performing with the goo goo dolls as well as setting up for the national anthem and player introductions.

This day started to make things a bit more real for me. On this huge platform, each girl walks up front and center of the entire stadium and she and her team are introduced. It was completely unreal! Straight from practice all four lines ( two AFC and two NFC) headed to various appearances around the island.

I was fortunate enough to participate in an event called Community Blitz: Play 60 event at Pearl Harbor.This was an incredible event where children of all ages are challenged to play outside activities for at least 60 minutes everyday. We taught a cheer clinic for girls age six to twelve and signed autographs for fans on the base, while several of the NFL All-Star players hosted a football clinic for the boys along with two NFL mascots to cheer them on and entertain everyone.  The event was so much fun, and I had such a great time interacting with the young girls on the base.

The day ended with a team dinner at Dave and Busters where we had time to further get to know each other through some Q and A from the directors and a chance to recap the day and to share our experiences from the appearances in the community.

We have all become great friends in this short amount of time and words truly cannot describe how magical this experience has been so far. I cannot even begin to think about how incredible gameday will be.


Day 5

Aloha Hawks Fans,

Another early morning here in beautiful Hawaii! Four other cheerleaders and I were up for a call time of 6:15 and headed to KITV news station for the morning news. We stood behind the anchors on live TV and cheered them on as well as the weather team. Everyone there was so friendly and so excited for us being here.

After saying our goodbyes, we went to rehearsal where we had the opportunity to perform for women of the NFL Japan tour.  A group of professional dancers from Japan travel to Hawaii each year to learn a couple of Pro Bowl routines and then perform at Sunday’s game.  The women were so and excited to watch us perform, and in return we had the opportunity to watch them perform some of our routines they had learned.  They were amazing!

Friday night ended with a reception with the NFL Japan Tour.  We signed autographs and took pictures with the women from Japan and their executives. This was another favorite event of mine mainly because of my most recent Sea Gal show group USO tour in Japan where I got to learn a lot about the people and their culture. It was so fun to welcome everyone, take pictures, get to know all of the guests and tell them about my latest experience in Japan.


Day 6

Hawks Fans,

We started early again on Saturday morning and went to Aloha Stadium for Ohana day (which means Family day).

Ohana means “family” in Hawaiian, so this is a chance for families and fans to join everyone involved with the Pro Bowl for some free entertainment. The event was free and gave approximately 10,000 fans the chance to come out and see the NFL All Star players. Both NFC and AFC teams had the opportunity to practice on the field, interact and sign autographs for people in the stands.

After Ohana day, we rehearsed on the field with all of the performers. It was a little bittersweet considering how much fun we have been having and that the week is almost over. Field rehearsal went really well, the pre-game performance is the Goo Goo Dolls and we had the opportunity to run the dance we prepared with them singing live! It took a few hours to get everything perfect while working with the flag runners, professional dancers, high school cheerleaders and little Hawaiian dancers.

This is the moment where it really hit me that tomorrow was game day. I was in tears the entire run through knowing that I only had one more day with all of these amazing women and that I was going to have the best game day of my life (besides every game day at qwest field).

After our rehearsal, we went back to the hotel to get ready for the NFL block party on Waikiki. The entire street was blocked off and filled with approximately 50,000 NFL fans. We split up into our lines and made our way to 6 different stages for interviews, performances and prize giveaways. We signed autographs and took pictures with fans and hosted trivia games on the stages set up along the street. My group gave away tickets to the Pro Bowl and judged a “dance off” for an official Pro Bowl jersey.

This event was so much fun!  We definitely got the most crowd interaction here and it was a blast! I met tons of Seahawks fans and got my picture taken with all of them! We had an amazing time. I’m looking forward to the game tomorrow but I cannot believe this experience is quickly coming to an end.


Day 6

Aloha Hawks Fans,

Gameday has finally arrived and I cannot believe how quickly this week has come to a close. After breakfast we went straight to Aloha Stadium to drop our things and head out to a quick rehearsal. It was almost time to show everyone what we had been working so hard all week to perfect. the tailgate party hosted by the NFL. We performed a few of  our routines, took lots of pictures with fans and signed autographs. I was so thrilled to see that although no Seahawks were actually playing in the Pro Bowl, so many Hawks fans had made it for Gameday decked out in the blue and green. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Seahawks Organization.

Today is the first day I have seen rain here in Hawaii and luckily I was born and raised in beautiful Seattle so it didn’t bother me one bit! We had a few minutes to dry off and then we took to the field. The stands were filled with fans from every team and everyone was pumped for this event. The entire day has been a rush, but walking out on the field was an experience that will stay with me forever. We lined up for our pre-game performance with the Goo Goo Dolls, USA cheerleaders from all over the country, hula dancers, Hawaiian drummers, and the Japan cheerleading clinic participants. Everything went beautifully, even the national anthem and fireworks brought me to tears.

During the game, we performed two routines in the end zone with all of the Pro Bowl cheerleaders together. We danced on a platform in the stands with a live DJ, and even met Dog the Bounty Hunter and got a photo with him and his family on the sidelines. I also got to take a photo with a former Sea Gal Deanna who I haven’t seen since my very first year on Sea Gals in 2006! I was also very excited that two of my teammates Miranda and Mischell were there as well.

At game time, it hit me that I was here representing my entire team and I was overwhelmed with appreciation and excitement; I did not want the game to end! I had such a spectacular week and will never forget the amazing events and new friends I have made. I could not have asked for a more perfect five seasons as a Seahawks Cheerleader.  It has been an honor to be the 2011 Pro Bowl cheerleader and I want to send hugs to my friends and family, especially all of my teammates and my director Sherri Thompson for supporting me over the years and for making my fifth with the Seahawks organization so special! Mahalo!