Seattle Seahawks draft-choice summary

Seattle’s slew of draft choices is like a scavenger hunt at this point with the number of choices the Seahawks have both given up and gotten in the past year.

And trying to assemble them is problematic because we don’t know exactly what was agreed to in each case, and there were a number of trades with conditions attached to the pick.

But Derek Stephens forwarded me this morning’s report that the draft pick Seattle will receive from Baltimore for Josh Wilson won’t be upgraded, according to the Baltimore Sun.

So, I’m going to begin trying to piece together the slew of draft picks.

Now, there won’t be any numbers attached to the choices beyond the first round. But over the course of the day, I’ll be piecing this together.


Seattle holds its own pick, No. 25 overall


Seattle holds its own pick


No pick. Seattle traded this to San Diego in March 2010


Seattle holds San Francisco’s fourth-round pick, which it acquired via New England in exchange for Deion Branch. The Patriots held two picks in that round, their own and the 49ers. The terms of the trade gave Seattle the better of the two picks, which wound up being San Francisco’s.

Seattle traded its own fourth-round pick to Buffalo — along with a choice in 2012 — to acquire Marshawn Lynch.


The Seahawks hold their own fifth-round pick. They also have a fifth-round choice they are believed to have received from Baltimore for Josh Wilson.


Seattle traded its sixth-round pick to San Francisco to acquire Kentwan Balmer. The Seahawks acquired a sixth-round pick from Detroit in exchange for Lawrence Jackson.


Seattle has its own 7th-round pick traded its own 7th-round pick to Philadelphia to acquire Stacy Andrews.

Seattle also has Cleveland’s 7th-round pick, which it acquired in the trade for quarterback Seneca Wallace. However, that was a conditional pick, but there’s no word if the conditions to upgrade that pick were met.