What’s your deal man? Nothing but respect, says Jim Harbaugh

There’s a little bit of history between Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh, who will be coaching against each other once again in the NFC West.

Specifically, two years ago, there was a tense on-field conversation between the two after Stanford’s lopsided victory over the Trojans.

Just take a look:

s Seahawks coach, Carroll was unambiguous in praising Harbaugh’s accomplishments as Stanford coach.

So how about Harbaugh? Is there any animosity with Carroll?

“No,” he said. “Professional. No hostility. Competitive when we coached against each other in college, and I anticipate it will be competitive as we go forward playing each other twice a year. But genuine respect for the job that he does, and like all the rest of the coaches in the National Football League, respect, but competitive and you want to beat them.”