Are We There Yet? Part Two: Defense


The Seattle Seahawks have been really struggling defensively for the last few years, and the only explanation I can find is that they are just plain tired. The Seahawks’ defense isn’t bad, but they still need to fill some positions on the roster.

The first position that should be filled is that of the cornerback. With Trufant getting older, and Kelly Jennings not being effective, the Hawks cannot stand to sign a no-name free agent as their cornerback.  We need to mend this broken secondary and starting making a pool of players that will define the Hawks defensive core.  If we are able to sign free agents, I would look at Asomugha.  If we decided to pass on him, we will need to trade for a few cornerback prospects.

Not only do we need to find a good cornerback, but we also need to pick up a strong defensive end. My opinion is that the Seahawks need to try to draft a prospect in the early rounds in order to fill this need. As much as I would like to see immediate success at that position, I would rather have someone for a decade than for just a few years. I will discuss the draft options in my next article.

The Hawks could also use some better depth in terms of linebackers. The Seahawks use to produce some of the best linebackers around, but now our stock is depleting. I was shocked to see that Pete had cut a few good ones, like Tyjuan Hagler, last off season. We should look into drafting new linebackers or acquire young free agents.  If it were up to me, I would draft the backs rather than pay money to people that may not be effective or on the decline. No more old men please!

The last position to fill is safety. All that the Seahawks really need in this position is a player with some experience. We have Earl Thomas, but we don’t know about Milloy. I would like to see them play it safe and possibly just draft for depth or find a way to acquire a suitable replacement. Also, make sure you fix the spacing issues before you send it in!

The Seahawks may  need a whole lot to improve their roster, but they will also need to step it up and put some serious effort into their camps so, they can put pressure on the offenses they will face. If we can get them to feel the heat, I am sure we will see more turnovers and less time spent on the field.