Are We There Yet?

The biggest question Seahawks’ fans are asking is: are we there yet? Although a lot of people have their own opinions on the matter, I will refrain from answering that question with bias. I do, however, believe that the Seahawks have shown that they are capable of enduring the long road to the Superbowl. I have also seen games and moments where the Superbowl is just a pipe dream for hopeful fans. These statements are besides the point. What we should really be looking at is what the Seahawks need to do in order to accomplish the ultimate goal in the NFL.

The first thing the Hawks need to do is beef up their line. The Seahawks line just hasn’t been the same since Hutch left. Now, with
Walter gone, the team is nearly in shambles. There are many free agents available that would vastly improve the team. A  great pair
that would work are Robert Gallery and Jared Gaither. We could also trade or even draft a few in the 2011 draft. There are a few members on the current line that are worth keeping. Among those are Unger, Spencer, Okung and Gibson. Other than those few, they should dump the rest of the guys and start fresh.  With a better offensive line, our run games will flourish and so will our pass game (no matter who is at the helm).

The next thing the Seahawks need to take care of is getting the QB staff inorder. The first thing that is on the ballot is what to do with Hasselbeck? Personally, I am tired of these “talks” and believe that we should let him go. Apparently, he is asking for way too much and we are initially willing to spend/commit to the counter-offer. If we do not resign Hasselbeck, there are plenty of veteran options to replace him. One that has been brought to the fans’ attention is Carson Palmer. Although Palmer seems to be in the same situation that Hass is, he would still be a better option as a QB. Some people like the intrigue of Vince Young. My only problem with him, is that I don’t think he is a good enough leader. That leaves us with the option to draft a QB. I love this idea, because if we were forced to trade up or draft a QB early, we might hit the jackpot. On the flipside, we might suck for a few years, but hell, it would be worth it. There are still talks about wide receivers as well. If we were to go for a WR I would make sure to grab a veteran or a proven receiver instead of drafting another new one. Available recievers include Sidney Rice and Santonio Holmes. Either of those players would improve ourpassing game. I am leaning more towards Sidney, because he is faster and much younger than Holmes.The rest of the Seahawks’ offense is pretty stable. There  is always room for improvement but I have no real complaints. Sure, a better
fullback would be nice, but it isn’t life threatening. Overall, the Seahawks have a chance to make next season something special. I say they will improve to 9-7 at the most and won’t do any worse than this last season. Stay tuned for “Are We There Yet? Part Two: Defense”.  I should have it up sometime next week!