Carroll: Seahawks “made a run” at re-signing Matt Hasselbeck

Pete Carroll, who is in New Orleans this week for the NFL Owner’s meetings, told ESPN’s Mike Sando that the Seattle Seahawks made a run at re-signing Matt Hasselbeck that went down to the last day.

“We made a run at getting it done before the stoppage and just weren’t able to work anything out,” Carroll told Sando. “As we go forward, Matt has been in our plans the whole time and now that it’s in free agency (at some point in the future), we just have to see what happens. . . Financially, we went after it and couldn’t get it done,” Carroll said. “In my mind, it kind of came right down to the final day of it. We made an effort and they made an effort.”

This doesn’t mean Hasselbeck can’t end up back in Seattle, but to bring Hasselbeck back would now require signing him on the open market, where there are sure to be other teams interested.