Georgia WR A.J. Green excels at awkward workout

Georgia Bulldogs WR A.J. Green breezed through his scripted 28 plays at an odd pro day that NFL scouts couldn’t watch in person.

The scouts viewed the workout from television monitors inside the Bulldogs’ training complex because there were questions regarding the status of QB Justin Roper, who lives 46 miles away — outside of the school’s radius. Roper played collegiately at Montana.

Roper was the only quarterback who could be found to throw to Green since NFL lockout rules restrict who can participate at pro days. Rules state that a player can’t participate at a pro day workout unless he lives within a certain radius of the workout site and/or played collegiality in the state.

Despite the unusual occurrence, Roper threw the ball well enough for Green to make every type of catch — drag routes, double moves, sideline outs, go routes and fades. Green made it look easy, as expected.

There was a scary moment, though. While trying to catch a fade route, Green traversed out of bounds and tripped over a border rope and garbage can, prompting a gasp from media, college coaches, family members and his current and former teammates. They were the only ones watching in person, remember.

Green got up and said he was fine.

I asked Green why he bothered to even go through his pro day with everything surrounding it. He told me that, “I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Green also participated to help showcase fellow WR Kris Durham, who didn’t receive an NFL Scouting Combine invite last month but is regarded as a draftable player. Durham had a solid workout, surprising some teams with his 40-yard dash time, which ranged in the 4.4s.

Green didn’t run his 40, opting to stick with his combine time of 4.5 seconds.

Green also was asked about his reported low score on the Wonderlic test, taken at the combine. Green said he probably didn’t do well because he took too long to answer questions on the 12-minute test. He said he answered about 20 of a possible 50 questions.

Green said he wasn’t worried and that teams could come to Georgia and check his grades and they’ll see, “I’m no dummy.”

Linebacker Justin Houston, a projected first-round pick, ran 40 times between 4.64 and 4.7, according to a scout. He went through all drills in front of coaches and believes he further solidified his draft status.