Hasselbeck, Hawks ‘far apart’ in talks


According to a source, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks are mile apart in their negotiations to re-sign the veteran quarterback back to Seattle. Clayton also said he does not expect the two sides to get a deal done before the CBA expires at midnight on Thursday.

“They’re far apart right now to a point right now where there’s not going to be common ground that they will get a deal done by the start of free agency, whenever that may be,” Clayton said.

Clayton went on to say that no deal is done right now, and there will not be one before Thursday’s deadline.

This makes some sense. It’s all about years and the amount of money Seattle is willing to commit to a quarterback who will turn 36 this year. Even though the Seahawks made the playoffs last season at 7-9, they still are a few years away from regularly competing for a playoff spot, and the team has to decide if they are willing to sink $10 million per year or something like that for a couple years into a quarterback that might not be around when Seattle hopefully becomes a perennial playoff contender.

Add to that the possibility that Hasselbeck could command a premium salary once free agency begins because of the number of teams that could use a veteran quarterback, and that’s probably why you have that separation between the two sides right now.