Lendale White, Pete Carroll Fired The Last Volley?

As you all know a little while back Lendale White was seen round the globe on TMZ telling Pete Carroll to F$$K Off.

Well as we see it over here at the 12th man Army, Pete Carroll already told Lendale White to F$$K OFF, you see he got rid of his overweight A$$ long before Lendale fired back 8 months later.

Then of all things Lendale White’s Uncle chimes in that he’s hurt and doesn’t understand why Pete Carroll cut him?

Well he cut him because Lendale put it in Neutral and thought he could coast through camp without giving it his all. Pretty much his career story as we see it!

Lendale White refused to buy into Pete Carroll’s philosophy and basically shot himself in the foot, well the rest is history.

Lendale White has been an overweight loser ever since he got his first NFL Paycheck, he has not shown anything in the NFL. Lendale chooses to live the party life and not take this game seriously, well he absolutely got what he deserved!

The Denver Broncos seem to think he can be productive in their offensive scheme, time will tell, but as far as we are all concerned, he will be cut before the season starts just like Pete Carroll cut him from Seahawks Camp.

So Lendale if your out there listening, Pete Carroll already fired the first and last volley, so do us all a favor Lendale, get a life and lose some weight!