Mare says he’d ‘absolutely’ give Seahawks a hometown discount

Kicker Olindo Mare told the Calabro show on Friday he wants to return to the Seattle  Seahawks for a fourth season and that he’d sign for potentially less money to do so.

“I do enjoy playing in Seattle,” he said. “I really enjoy the guys there and I like the stadium. I like the fans. I know the weather is not the greatest for kickers, but you know, maybe that’s why I’ve played well there — you have to focus more and do the little things.”

The 37-year-old made 25 of 30 field goal attempts last season and ran his streak of consecutive field goals made to 30 — which is a franchise record and tied for the sixth-longest streak in NFL history — before snapping it with a miss against the Raiders in October.

There was speculation that the Seahawks could apply the franchise tag to Mare again this year, which would increase the $2.8 million he made last season as Seattle’s franchise player. The window for doing so has passed, so he’ll be a free agent when a new labor agreement is reached.

“I think that whole highest bid thing for me is not quite as important with the four kids,” he said, adding that he doesn’t want to uproot his family.

So does that mean he’d give the Seahawks a hometown discount?

“Oh, absolutely. For sure. I would be stupid not to,” he said. “The Seahawks gave me an opportunity. I always take that into consideration also. But we’ll see. I have to get a offer first… What would be great would be is if there was a bunch and it would show that people appreciate what you do, and that’s always flattering. Just to get all your options available. If you signed (for) three, four, five years, that would be your last contract. You want to make sure that everything was done right.

“But yeah, Seattle will definitely get a home discount. Besides, I like to go to the Sounders games, and I’ve got a lot going on there.”

Mare denied reports that he would like to kick for a team closer to his hometown in Florida.

“I told them (the Seahawks) before I left that I want to come back and I hope they feel the same way,” he said. “And if they don’t, then I’ll move on and so will they.”