Seahawks tender Brandon Mebane

Defensive tackle Brandon Mebane has received an original-round restricted free-agency tender from the Seattle Seahawks.

Explaining what that is turns out to be a whole lot easier than what it means. The tender is a one-year contract offer, which makes Mebane a restricted free agent. The original-round tender means that if Mebane signed an offer sheet in free agency, Seattle could choose to match the offer and retain Mebane or receive a third-round pick from the team that signed Mebane.

Now that is what an original-round tender means under the current collective-bargaining agreement. But not sure if you’ve heard — but that CBA is expiring this week. In a matter of days.

Just what a restricted free-agent tender, a franchise tag or a transition tag means in the future is anyone’s guess.

So where does that leave Mebane? Well, it shows the Seahawks want him. They’ve already said that. And by all indications Mebane has enjoyed being here in Seattle.

Being tendered a restricted free-agent offer was not a surprise. It’s not an obstacle to negotiations. Mebane’s agent met with GM John Schneider in Indianapolis, and the discussions have been constructive. They’re still working to get a deal, but if that doesn’t happen in the next 48 hours, that doesn’t preclude an agreement down the road.

Mebane is going to attract a lot of interest on the free-agent market, and it’s hardly out of the question that a team decide its willing to give up a third-round pick for the right to sign a defensive tackle like Mebane.

But there’s a lot to go through between now and then