Washington QB Locker talks Bo, Griffey and JFK

Washington QB Jake Locker stopped by the NFL Network studios Wednesday, and we took some time to get to know him as he prepares for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Adam Rank: Favorite team growing up?
Jake Locker: I watched the Seahawks and followed them living in Washington. I liked to follow the players that I liked. Terrell DavisEdgerrin James when he came out. I was a running back in those days, so my favorite players were running backs.

AR: Who did you pretend to be when you were playing as a little kid?
JL: Usually Terrell Davis. Sometimes Bo Jackson. My dad was a huge fan of Bo Jackson.

AR: Are you even old enough to remember Bo running over Brian Bosworth?
JL: I didn’t see it live, but my dad showed it to me later on. That was crazy. You couldn’t beat Bo.

AR: You are a two-sport guy. Who was the better two-sport player, Bo or Deion Sanders?
JL: That’s tough. Gosh. I followed Bo’s career more closely, but that’s a really good question. Both did so well that it’s hard to say. To excel at both football and baseball like they did is really impressive.

AR: You were drafted by the Angels. If you weren’t playing football, which sport would you play?
JL: Baseball.

AR: As an Angels fan, can I get you to ditch this football idea and form a dream outfield with Peter Bourjos andMike Trout?
JL: No, I am a football player. But I saw Trout play last year. He can swing it.

AR: Are you an Angels fan?
JL: I grew up a Mariners fan and was a huge Ken Griffey Jr. fan, always and forever. I remember their runs in 1995, ’96 and ’97. I do root for the Angels a little bit after being drafted, but I am always going to be a Mariners fan.

AR: Did you play Madden?
JL: Oh yeah, way back when on the [Nintendo] 64. Back when it was just Madden, with no year associated with it.

AR: Did you create yourself? And were you a running back or quarterback?
JL: I switched it up a lot. Sometimes I would even take a crack on defense.

AR: What team did you play with?
JL: It depends. Sometimes I would want to build a team up, sometimes I would want to keep a dynasty going. If I was a QB, I would go to a team that needed a QB but had some awesome receivers to see how I could do.

AR: No doubt with a 99 ranking on the speed.
JL: Of course. There was a time when they didn’t cap your totals, so you would be a 99 across the board. I would even be the team’s punter.

AR: Favorite TV show?
JL: I love the History Channel. I was a history major. I love “American Pickers,” “Pawn Stars” and “Gold Rush Alaska” on Discovery. I also love documentaries, like the one they had on the Kennedy assassination, where they were trying to find out what really happened.

AR: So, which theory do you buy?
JL: A single shooter in the book depository. In my opinion. There is the most truth behind it and the most evidence. They proved that one shooter could get off three shots in that time. The other theories are just conspiracies and they raise some interesting points. But the most evidence says that it is a single shooter from the book depository.

AR: Have you been to Dallas?
JL: I was there for the Super Bowl and went to Dealey Plaza. We went to the spot where the fatal shot hit. To be a part of that history was awesome.

AR: So, if you were there, and you believe there was only one shooter, why didn’t he take the shot while the motorcade was driving up to the book depository, instead of while it was driving away?
JL: Well you have got to figure that where he was shot was the best spot. Because as the limousine approached, Oswald would have had to shoot over the windshield and Governor (John) Connally. And everybody’s attention would have been on the building, so it would have been harder for him to escape. By waiting for the motorcade to pass, he gave himself an easier chance to escape, because everybody’ attention is looking away from the building.

AR: Wow. So, is it safe to say that your favorite movie is “JFK?”
JL: Yeah. Mostly, I like documentaries on the History Channel if I want want informative movies. But for movies, I can’t recommend Netflix enough. One movie I can’t live without is “Dumb and Dumber.”

AR: So, you enjoy documentaries on the JFK assassination and “Dumb and Dumber.” That’s quite the Netflix queue.
JL: Sometimes you have to let your mind go and just laugh.

AR: Celebrity that people say you look like?
JL: None. But when I started at Washington, I guess I had a little bit of a bowl haircut, so some of the guys on my team called me Jim Carrey. So I was Lloyd Christmas.

AR: Favorite Seattle band?
JL: I am a huge country music fan, and not a lot of country stars come from Seattle. Is Metallica from Seattle?

AR: Uh, sure. Did you know Tim Lincecum?
JL: He left before I got here. I watch him a lot because he’s got a lot of naysayers and he has been proving them wrong.

AR: Sound familiar?
JL: At some point, you have to face your critics. Those who want to be great face it and overcome it.