Clayton ‘not optimistic’ Seahawks will re-sign Hasselbeck

ESPN’s John Clayton thinks it’s becoming less likely that Matt Hasselbeck will continue his career with the Seattle Seahawks.

“I’m not optimistic now. I’m starting to think that it may not happen,” Clayton said of the chances that Hasselbeck re-signs with the Seahawks when the NFL’s lockout ends. “It seems like they did put a good effort in, but they didn’t come to the right number. And now it’s put the Seahawks in a position where I think what’ll happen is, if free agency would start — and we all don’t know when — I think they’ll let him test the market. And that could be dangerous because he could go someplace else.

“But at this stage I’d say the odds are now slipping away that Matt’s going to be here (in Seattle).”

Clayton mentioned Arizona, Miami and Minnesota as three possible destinations for Hasselbeck if he doesn’t re-sign with the Seahawks.

“He could go to Arizona, because I think Arizona’s gonna be more of a team looking for a veteran quarterback,” Clayton said. “I think he could be a candidate in Minnesota if they don’t take Jake Locker at No. 12 because they want a veteran quarterback. Miami might want Matt in there to try to compete against Chad Henne.

“I think, as it stands right now, I think Matt’s going to be given the opportunity to check the market and if the market’s not there, I don’t think they’ll close the door on him. But anytime the player has the chance to leave, then he could leave.”