Draft Concerns and No Free Agency Equals Trouble.

The Seahawks have some major holes to fill this offseason.  Because of the lockout, they will be forced to do things through the draft, and will most likely have to wait until closer to preseason to do the free agent thing. Provided, of course, that there is a football season this year.

In this years draft,  I have heard rumors of the Seahawks putting a pick package together in order to acquire another first round pick.  I can’t imagine though, who would part ways with their first pick.  If anyone, I would say the Patriots, because they are notorious for not using their first picks.   If we can obtain that other pick, I see us making some excellent choices to improve our team. In previous articles, I have discussed what we need in terms of players, offensively and defensively. This time, I want to talk about some of the possibilities. So let’s dig in.

In terms of a quarterback, the Seahawks need to take one in the first round.  I know we are a team that is known for defensive 1st round picks, and if we do pick up an offensive player in the 1st round, it is typically an offensive lineman.  The options at quarterback this year are really good.  Key players for the Seahawks to consider are Ryan Mallet, Jake Locker, and Andy Dalton. These are the three standout players that I truly believe could improve our offense.  They are also the only quarterbacks that would possible be available at our first pick.

Now let’s look at the offensive line. The Seahawks can wait until later rounds to acquire another one of these. The only way I can see the Seahawks taking a lineman before a Quarterback is if they obtain an extra first round draft pick.  If Pouncey is available when our number is called, we might pass on a quarterback in the first round as well. The need for more offensive lineman is apparent, but I would rather focus on finding a quarterback, and then gamble on offensive lineman later on in the draft.

Other positions I would see maybe focusing on in the early rounds are defensive ends and cornerbacks. The Seahawks have been struggling with both positions the last few seasons.  We could really use a compliment to Clemons on pash rushing.  I like Raheem Brock, but I don’t think he is the answer to that problem, just more of a patch.  I can see the Hawks looking at Robert Quinn or Cameron Jordan as well.  As far as cornerbacks go, with Kelly Jennings temporarily out of the picture, we need to find a suitable replacement.   We need a potential starter, but I can see us holding off on this position in favor of a proven free agent once the lockout is over.

The good news for the Hawks is that if they address their dire needs early, they can relax and focus on finding future prospects and backups in the later rounds.  In terms of needs, the only other position worth mentioning is that of the wide receiver. My firm belief is that we need to sign a top ranking free agent instead of drafting another one.  I like Tate, Butler and Big Mike Williams, but I still see us needing a deep threat.  I would look to free agent Sidney Rice or possibly finding an answer in the 2nd or 4th round.  It is not as important as QB, OL, DE or CB, but it needs to be addressed before the beginning of the season.

Look for Pete Carroll and Jon Schneider to make bold moves, just as they did last offseason.  I can see pick trades and possibly personnel trades for higher picks (This depends on the Lock Out).  Pete wants to see his team move towards the Super Bowl in the next two seasons and will do what it takes in order to make the Seahawks a bona fide powerhouse.