Matt Hasselbeck, “I hope I come back, but I’m not worried about it”

Quote: Matt Hasselbeck – “I hope I come back, but I’m not worried about it because there’s nothing I can do to change anything. Best-case scenario, I’d love to stay here. If not, I could move too.” — Seattle free-agent cornerback Kelly Jennings on the possibility of returning to the Seahawks.

General manager John Schneider said that no matter what the team does in the draft and free agency, Charlie Whitehurst will be given an opportunity to compete for the starting job in 2011. Whitehurst currently is the team’s only quarterback on the roster.

“Yeah he is, absolutely,” Schneider said. “Charlie won the biggest game of the season for us. And with absolutely no disrespect to (Matt) Hasselbeck, that was the first week it was Charlie’s game. Charlie went into the other games with Matt’s plan. This was a plan for Charlie. And quite frankly the Rams were playing pretty good at that point. And he took care of the ball and played well.

“Did he have his struggles during the season? Sure. I mean he hasn’t played a lot of regular-season games. So, I thought one of the coolest things he did was come into that Arizona game and bring us right down the field. Now, the series didn’t end that great. He threw a ball he’d like to have back. But I’ve been around a three-time MVP (Brett Favre) that wasn’t a great decision-maker early on his career. But he became a much better decision-maker.”

–Veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck remains hopeful he can get a deal done that keeps him in Seattle, but is really unsure of where he’ll wind up in 2011.

“At our house, my family’s all on the same page,” Hasselbeck told “I really hope we don’t have to go somewhere else. The decision will be made more on what’s good for the kids, what’s good for my wife more than an emblem on the helmet.

“I’m not at all offended that we didn’t get a deal done before the lockout or the fact that they’re on a mission to find a young quarterback.”

Hasselbeck also confirmed he wants at least a two-year minimum deal.

–Schneider also talked about the subjective nature of evaluating quarterbacks, along with the uniqueness of this year’s group and the importance of staying true to the draft board and not reaching for a guy. That fact that up to a dozen teams need a quarterback will make for a more unpredictable draft, Schneider said.

“I think it’s a good year,” Schneider said. “I think it’s really a unique year because all of these guys are so different. I mean, wow. You go through seven guys and they’re all just completely different cats.”