Owner TC and his Family Suffer Devastating Housefire

 The owner of Seahawk Nation’s 12th Man Army suffered a devastating loss this weekend when his home was burned to the ground. At around 12:30 Saturday TC told me he heard the pipes banging under his home and was kind of curious as to what the noise was, upon further investigation TC noticed the rear of the house engulfed in flames. TC then directed his wife and children into the vehicle with all the kids and dog accounted for. TC told me heard his wife scream that the cat was unaccounted for, at which time TC and his oldest son Jaquae, aged 16, proceeded back into the home to try to find the family cat.

TC gave me an account that the house at this time was fully engulfed in black smoke when they went back in, at this time TC lost track of his son in the heavy smoke but still proceeded to the back of the house where the fire had originally started, while TC was on his hands and knees crawling to the back of his house his oldest son fell down right in front of TC succuming to the heavy smoke inhalation he had ingested trying to rescue the family cat. Upon getting closer to his son Jaquae, TC noticed his son had actually found the cat but but had passed out. TC told me he jumped up into action and grabbed the cat and his son by the seat of his pants and drug him out of the house where his son came to after getting some fresh air.

I have known Tc for over 20 years and his is my very dear friend, TC wanted everyone to know that he and his family are okay and that they would like us to pray for them, he stated the home is insured but that the most important thing in his life is safe, “His Family”! In all the time i have know him his passion for the Seahawks only comes second to his passion TC has for his Family, so he asked me to ask all you folks out there in the blogging community to please keep his family in your prayers.

He also said his son is doing fine and except for a little smoke is feeling better today, he also said thanksin advance for all your prayers.