Seahawks general manager: Improving lines top priority

Posted by Gregg Rosenthal on April 1, 2011, 1:31 PM EDT

We’re about to start rolling out our team needs series for the upcoming draft.   Seattle Seahawks G.M.  Schneider has been kind enough to give us some free advice when filling out Seattle’s post.

“Well, starting any organization or any football team I think you have to look at both sides of your line,” Schneider said on ESPN radio  in Seattle Thursday when asked what his biggest priorities are.  “So I would say offensive, defensive line are priorities for us, no question. But were looking for depth at every position. But I think it starts on both sides of the ball.”

Looking at Seattle’s roster, we wholeheartedly agree with Schneider.  The offensive line has been a mess for years and it still needs major work.

The team got better production than they could have hoped for from their defensive line last year, but they don’t have young core guys to build around at either end or tackle.

The Seahawks have been soft up front for a few years.  If Schneider can fix that, a lot of the other problems on the roster won’t look so bad.

via Seahawks general manager: Improving lines top priority | ProFootballTalk.