Clipboard Jesus to take over for the Seahawks?

• Four option (The “Pray For Them” Plan): Just hand the team over to Whitehurst, aka Clipboard Jesus, and sign a veteran backup in free agency. Oh, boy.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll continues to speak highly of Whitehurst. Every time Carroll was asked about him last week, he called Whitehurst a part of the Seahawks’ 2011 draft class because the franchise dealt its third-round pick to San Diego in a package to trade for Clipboard Jesus last season. Funny, Carroll also called Whitehurst a part of last year’s draft class because the Seahawks dropped down 20 picks in the second round to get him. Charlie Whitehurst: always a draft pick, seldom a player.

Carroll swears he’s still committed to developing Whitehurst. But if he’s the starter by default next season, the Seahawks can say hello to 4-12.

If the Seahawks re-signed Hasselbeck or brought in a quality veteran and Whitehurst proved to be better, that’s another thing. But he can’t go into next season as the preordained starter. He hasn’t shown enough, in limited game time or in practice.

Schneider will have the Seahawks ready for free agency, but it won’t be a normal free agency. It’ll be hectic and unpredictable and truncated. They’ll need several plans, and they might need to run through them quickly knowing that they have only a thin safety net.

It’s thin because the Seahawks didn’t prefer any of the quarterbacks they could’ve drafted. Not Andy Dalton. Not Ryan Mallett. Not Ricky Stanzi. I don’t blame them. They didn’t miss out on a franchise quarterback.

They have to find that guy somewhere, though. And soon. Too many cliffhangers, and you’re just floundering