NFC West Champs to NFC West Chumps in 2011?

Peter Schrager is a chump in my book, but it is just an opinion like A&% holes, everyone has one! He says the Seattle Seahawks are losers in not so many words. I was somewhat baffled that his latest article predicting the 2012 draft almost 365 days in advance. Peter says the Seahawks will be selecting the 1st pick in 2012 and selecting Andrew Luck at QB. When i read this i had to read it again, so he is basically saying Seattle will be dead last in the NFL as far as the win loss colum.

Wow what an idiot if he thinks we will be that bad! Take a look at what he had to say below:

1. Seattle Seahawks — Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford: The Seahawks suffer early and often at the start of the Charlie Whitehurst era and never fully recover. Pete Carroll keeps his job and gets the ultimate prize next April — Mr. Luck. A 6-foot-4, 230-pound Heisman finalist from a year ago, Luck breaks all of John Elway’s old Stanford passing records and goes first overall.

All i have to say is Peter you have big balls, although they are as small as peas and probably shriveled from all that cold air circulating around in your head. 12th Man signing off on this one!