Seahawks most likely to get QB Kevin Kolb

ESPN NFL reporter Adam Schefter thinks the Cardinals — and to a lesser extent the Seahawks — are the favorites to land Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb in a trade once the NFL’s lockout ends.

Schefter said on NFL Live on Tuesday that both teams discussed a trade after last season, as did the Bengals and 49ers, who filled their quarterback vacancies in the draft. The Seahawks and Cardinals, of course, passed on drafting quarterbacks.

Here’s what Schefter said on NFL Live on Tuesday:

“I think that when the lockout is lifted, there’s no doubt that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to trade Kevin Kolb. I think at this point in time, it’s fairly certain that he’s going to wind up in the NFC West. Right now, all signs point to Kevin Kolb somehow finding his way to Arizona, which would make Larry Fitzgerald very happy, which would make the Cardinals an instant contender in the NFC West, and it would make them the team that they were a couple of years ago when Kurt Warner was playing quarterback, rather than last year when they had the quarterback carousel.

“Kevin Kolb is going to get dealt from Philadelphia, most likely going to be to the NFC West, and right now all signs point to Arizona.”